Social in Five
Thursday, March 06, 2014

Social in Five

Written by  Kayla Lake
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 Curious about who’s checking out your LinkedIn profile and how Snapchat is turning into an art hub? Find out that and more in this week’s Social in 5!

Social News and Strategies:




LinkedIn Shows You Who Visits Your Profile — and Then Some

  • The new LinkedIn layout added analytics to see who visits your profile.
  • Now users can see which industries their viewers work in and whether or not they have the same job title.
  • LinkedIn now provides tips to ensure your profile receives more views from those within particular industries.
  • Ex: Members with a profile photo receive 11 times as many page views as those without.
  • A block feature has also been added to avoid connecting with specific profiles in particular.

Pages Tagging Pages: Good News for Organic Reach on Facebook

  • Facebook’s new capability will allow brands to show up in news feeds of users who don’t follow them.
  • If a brand is talking about something or someone that users do follow, they have the capability for that particular post to show up in the users stream by tagging that particular brand.
  • Ex: If Bleacher Report tags Dwayne Wade in a status, people who “Like” Dwayne Wade will see it even if they don’t “Like” bleacher report.
  • This emphasizes the importance of tagging sources and trending topics in all posts that are relevant. 


Food & Wine Goes After Trendy, Hungry Millennials with New FWx Online Hub

  • Food & Wine magazine has launched a new digital brand, FWx, geared toward two trendy Mobile-first consumer groups, Foodies and Millennials.
  • The website will feature cocktail recipes and trending recipes, but also brief posts and 15-second FWx videos on topics like how to assess your date’s persona from his eating habits and "cheat sheets" before your next cocktail party to be in-the-know 
  • Peer-expert contributors drawn from nontraditional sources will include Twitter star Julieanne Smolinksi (@BoobsRadley), Jimmy Kimmel Live! writer Noah Kaufman, and Broad City illustrator and digital designer Mike Perry, who will be featured as the first FWx logo artist of the month, as well as plenty of A-list chefs. 

Social Campaigns and Case Studies

Budweiser, MLB Stars Launch Roadshow to Declare Opening Day a Holiday

  • Budweiser and MLB Hall of Famer, Ozzie Smith, launched a 30-day roadshow to get 100,000 fans to sign a petition for the President to declare Opening Day a national holiday.
  • Major brands such a Fox Sports, Louisville Slugger and MLB have all backed the campaign.
  • Each of the brands promoted their support of the holiday including Budweiser who used their social media assets throughout the campaign.
  • Budweiser will continue to release videos featuring former MLB players to showcase the significance of Opening Day.
  • Even if Opening Day doesn’t become a national holiday, Budweiser will still be recognized as the brand who praised the sport, generating loyalty from diehard baseball fans and making a clear connection between the two brands.

Bring the Internet to Life for Our SXSW Snapchat Challenge

  • Mashable is hosting a SXSW Snapchat Challenge asking Snapchat followers to snap doodles inspired by digital culture including famous memes, GIFS, etc.
  •  These Snapchats will be featured at the SXSW mobile art gallery, which will feature the best ways brands have used Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, etc. throughout the past.
  • Snapchat is slowly transforming from a limited viewing photo app between friends to a marketing tactic amongst brands. 
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