Social in Five
Friday, January 31, 2014

Social in Five

Written by  Danielle Clarke
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Blieber or not Twitter exploded with Justin Bieber chatter, Pinterest’s ready to monetize and Vine celebrates its first birthday all in this this week’s Social in Five:





Social News and Strategies:

Vine at One: A Creative Tool That’s Changing Lives

  • Vine celebrates its one year anniversary
  • Proved to be a unique social media platform that encourages creativity due to its six second time frame
  • Check out some of the early adopters of Vine who have transformed their creativity to careers with large brands like Disney and Peanuts

Pinterest Pins its Hopes on Profitability 

  • Pinterest is making the move to monetize the site by beta-testing Promoted Pins (Paid pins)
  • Analysts project that the market will be worth $500 million in 2016, with the site valued at $3.8 billion
  • So far brands beta-testing Promoted Pins include Disney, Nordstrom, Four Seasons, Hellmann’s and Tresemme

6 Misconceptions About Facebook Advertising


  • It doesn’t work. Incorrect, when using the full range of targeting options and constantly optimizing your campaigns to rightfully correlate with your brand, Facebook advertising can be highly effective.

  • You can’t track return on investment. Incorrect, Facebook now provides conversion pixels so you can track sales and leads from your FB ads on your website, while providing full reporting on advertising contribution to engagement and new page “Likes.”

  • You can only boost your post to your extended network. Incorrect, you can advance your reach by using Power Editor, which gives you a more advanced criterion of targeting options rather than the obvious ‘boost post’ option. *This will also reduce wasted impressions.

  • Acquiring page likes costs next to nothing. Incorrect, these cheap ad companies will sell cut-price automated fan “Likes” which is highly unlikely to convert real-time interactions or a higher ROI.

  • It’s better to target a really wide audience. Incorrect, on Facebook it’s better to target a more narrow audience with more relevant interests, rather than large broad groups that fit one demographic. Like mentioned in #4, this will generate a higher quality/more brand-related audience.

  • Targeting friends of fans is a really strong targeting set. Incorrect, due to the large number of social media personalities each user interacts with. For example, friends, family, co-workers, childhood acquaintances, all of which are in different demos and have vastly different interests.


Justin Bieber's Arrest Is More Popular Than Queen Bey's Album Drop 

Twitter exploded after news broke about Justin Beiber’s arrest

  • Conversation around his arrest hit more than 6,100 tweets per minute in the last 12 hours, according to Twitter. That's more than the 5,300 hundred tweets per minute that Beyonce generated when she unexpectedly launched her new album on iTunes in December

Social Campaigns and Case Studies:

McDonald's Lets Fans Send Social #CheersToSochi

  • Launching a social media project to connect Olympic fans world-wide with their favorite athletes at the Sochi Games

  • Fans can send a personalized message to athletes or teams using hashtag #CheersToSochi on social media or through the brand's dedicated microsite

  • A bulletin board in the Athletes Village in Sochi will display a curated stream of messages, and athletes can have their favorites printed on wrist-ribbons to wear during the Games, as well as tweet a personalized response

How Israeli Hotel Chain Fattal Hotels Is Using Instagram Direct For Marketing

  • Israeli hotel chain Fattal Hotels came up with a way to utilize Instagram’s new direct private messaging feature
  • If guests share photos of their experiences at any of the hotels on Instagram, Fattal will send those guests private photos via Instagram direct, inviting those guests to show those photos to the reception staff in exchange for special perks such as free massages in the hotels’ spas
  • Guests who receive Fattal photos via Instagram Direct are also eligible to win free hotel stays in contests that the hotel chain will hold every three months


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