Dad-vertising: How to Segment Your Message to Dads
Monday, May 20, 2013

Dad-vertising: How to Segment Your Message to Dads

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Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. Next up for showcasing parental pride: Father’s Day. More and more dads today are playing a larger role in consumerism and taking on more responsibilities when it comes to purchasing for their family. As a result a new era of communications has sprung—the phenomenon of “Dad-vertising.”

In the past communicators focused on moms, billing her as Chief Shopping Officer for most households. But recent statistics are revealing that more dads are taking on greater purchasing responsibilities for their families. In fact over fifty percent say that they are the primary grocery shoppers for their household. Further, recent statistics from the National Retail Federation, Father’s Day spending will be on the rise again this year with the average person will shell out almost $120.00 on dad’s day gifts this year.

So with fatherhood all a flutter, what can today’s savvy communicators do to keep their clients or brands connected to dad?  Here are a few ways that your brand can show appreciation to all of the dads out there while creating a positive connection with this growing segment:

  • Ask what they think: starting with your database or social communities, put up a short, online survey that offers dads a platform for offering their opinion across a variety of topics specific to your business. Ask questions that you can use not only to improve your relationship, but also as a hook for a media release or infographic (since media loves new findings.) Extra tip: keep the survey between 10-12 questions—it should take them no longer than five minutes to complete.
  • Dish Up Deals for Dads:Whether you peddle a product or sell your services, create a special offer for dads.  Coupons and discounts specific to Father’s Day will drive attention to your brand, especially if you come up with a unique offering that appeals to dads in a clever format.
  • Blast Them:Create an email blast that speaks to dads, using Father’s Day as a relevant reason for creating content that highlights how your brand can make their lives better. Include direct links to deals if you’re ecommerce-based, and offline brands should create a call to action that allows you to measure results. Email communications is a great way to close the gap between online brands and those with a more traditional brick and mortar presence.
  • Give Them Something to Blog About: With close to 160,000 dads now playing the role of stay-at-home parent, the phenomenon of dad bloggers is on the rise. While mom blogger events, mailers and promotions are a constant; consider creating an event or program specific to dad bloggers. Whether it’s hosting a catered car wash or fully immersing them in the DNA of your brand, dads, today, clearly have a voice and an opinion to share.

Here’s a general rule of thumb: think about how you communicate with your own father and how you need to communicate with him when you’re trying to get your message across.

As communicators, it’s time that brands looked closely at the new media landscape and adapt their messages to speak to and engage with dads in a more meaningful way.


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