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Branding Strategy & Corporate Identity

Your brand is your corporate identity. It’s the backbone of your business -- the thing that distinguishes you from the competition. That’s because you’re selling more than your products or services: you’re selling the idea of what buying from you feels like. With creative branding, you reach out to the world, and the world reaches back.

The Importance of Corporate Branding Strategy

At TilsonPR, we make sure you get your message across in the way you want to get it across. We make sure your company has a personality, a vibe, a focused intention. Branding is about so much more than what you say; it’s how you say it. No matter the medium, words matter. We know how to convey your message clearly, precisely, and in a way that builds connections.

Trust TilsonPR with Your Brand Identity

Proof that we are the best people to handle your corporate branding strategy is in the ways we’ve helped national brands with their branding needs. One good example is Dunkin’ Donuts. We’re their go-to PR firm for South Floridian PR needs. We’ve helped them communicate their brand to many South Floridians, particularly during two of their biggest events: National Donut Day and Free Iced Coffee Day. We took their message—free coffee and donuts—and spread it to 32 million people. We did this by getting the message into The South Florida Sun Sentinel, The Palm Beach Post, and many other news outlets. You can read more about the experience on our Case Studies page. We’re can help you too. Wherever you are in your company’s branding journey, let TilsonPR assist you in establishing that identity and spreading brand awareness.

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